A local favorite
since ‘72

What's in a Name?

After 38 years, Jan Gaffney wanted to sell the business to someone that understood her mission and respected the product in which she created. She was always passionate about her food, self-sufficient and was an incredible inspiration as a businesswoman. In 2010, Poppy Holguin, purchased Jan’s Health Bar in Huntington Beach, California. Poppy felt keeping the name Jan’s was not only important to the integrity of the brand but also to respect the community of which it was built on.

Food is powerful. It brings us together, shapes our memories, and empowers our communities.”

Along Came Poppy

Poppy’s very first job was working at Jan’s (at the time located inside Huntington Surf & Sport) while attending Huntington Beach High School.  Faithful employee, turned loyal customer, turned proud owner, Poppy’s goal is to bring delicious nutritious food to local communities and neighborhoods.  She witnessed how valuable a menu full of fresh food was to her customers and the positive influence Jan’s had on the community.

“It’s the customer loyalty and their love for our food and brand that has kept Jan’s in business for almost 50 years. Jan’s has been a part of my life in some shape or form for over 35 years.  When I see our customers enjoying it in the way I have and share their memories of Jan’s, I can’t help but feel inspired and motivated to continue.”

Jan’s always uses natural, locally sourced ingredients and makes sure that every item on the menu contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Because the majority of the menu has been the same for over 45 years, it shows that fresh food prepared simply never goes out of style.

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